Klever Kleena Sprinta

Klever Kleena Sprinta

Sprinta is the ultimate expression of Klever Kleena technology. In addition to KleverKonnecta and KleverSkim, the advanced Sprinta includes two Klever Kleena innovations that make it ‘Unstickable in any Pool’.

The superior mechanical efficiency of unique KleverTurbine technology propels Sprinta powerfully and silently across your pool surfaces – and provides the maximum continuous suction that is the key to Sprinta’s exceptional cleaning efficiency.

The KleverSteer Intelligent Steering System guides Spinta quickly and efficiently around any pool. It means the cleaners negotiate smaller pools with ease and ensures complete coverage of all pool surfaces. The combination of KleverTurbine power and KleverSteer manoeuvrability make Sprinta absolutely ‘unstickable’ in the most demanding of pools.

Sprinta, as the name suggests, is fast. And maximum continuous suction also means it’s thorough – cleaning effortlessly across every centimetre of the pool surface. Sprinta copes easily with almost any pool, and is particularly well suited to smaller geometric-shaped pools with tight corners. Top quality UV, salt, chemical and heat resistant plastics are used in the manufacture of Sprinta.

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