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Spa Maintenance

To keep your spa sparkling clean you need to have the correct water balance and filtration.

Water balance

bromine 4 - 6
chlorine 2 - 3
ph 7.2 - 7.6
alkalinity 150

When first filling your spa use a spa balance chemical to Get your bromine, alkalinity and calcium hardness up.
Water should be tested daily. If not - do not use the spa without testing first and ensuring all levels are correct.

The PH should be adjusted as soon as it tests outside the acceptable range. This is important as the incorrect PH may
Corrode or damage your equipment and fittings. It can also be irritating to the skin.
To increase PH use PH buffer or alkalinity increaser.
Todecrease, use acid.

Super chlorinate or add spa shock weekly.


The pump should run for 2- 3 hours daily. However some spas are preset to run at regular intervals throughout the day.
Most spas have cartridge filters and the element should be removed and cleaned thoroughly at least once a week.
It is recommended to replace 1/4 of the water monthly.
The spa should be emptied completely every 3 months and a system cleaner used to keep scale from building up in heater pipes.when refilled use a spa balance chemical to obtain correct water balance.

Ozonators are a way of sanitising your spa using ozone.
However there is no way to test the presence of ozone, so to ensure your spa is correctly sanitised you must use bromine or chlorine to obtain a safe reading.

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