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Maintaining Your Pump and Filter

Check pump basket regularly for debris and remove as this may reduce water flow or clog the impellor.
Check the water level regularly - it should be to the top of the lid as insufficient water may damage the motor.
Always use a recommended waterproof lubricant/sealer containing silicone and/or teflon. Never use vaseline or a petroleum based lubricant as these products will swell and soften rubber..
If the pump becomes noisy the bearings and seals may need replacing. If left too long this may be detrimental to the motor.

Sand Filters
Work by water entering from the top, passing through the Zelbrite or Diamond Kleen which collects the dirt and debris, then through the laterals at the bottom and back into the pool. Backwashing reverses this process, dislodging the dirt which is removed through the backwash hose. The pressure gauge should read approximately 50 - 70 kpa when the filter is clean. Backwashing is indicated when the pressure exceeds 70 kpa.
Every 6 months a more thorough cleaning should be done using a sand filter cleaner.
Filter media should be replaced every 2 to 3 years.

D.E. Filters
Use a fine white powder which when applied in the correct amount covers the filter pads to trap dirt and debris. It is important to note that if insufficient or no D.E is used the filter will not work and damage may occur. The pressure gauge should read 50 - 70 kpa when clean. Backwashing is indicated when pressure reaches 100 kpa. Ideally backwashing should occur weekly. Backwashing removes the D.E along with the dirt and debris, so D.E must be added and filter run for 30 minutes to prevent the D.E from returning to the pool. It is recommended that the pads be removed once a month and cleaned. Every 6 to 12 months the pads should be acid bathed using 1 part hydrochloric acid to 10 parts water.

Please note: It is also very important to keep the skimmer basket free from leaves and debris, as this can cause a blockage and insufficient water flow to your pool equipment will cause major damage.

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