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Backwashing Your Filter

If your filter is not cleaned regularly it will cause numerous amounts of problems, some being:-

How to Backwash your filter

  1. Ascertain whether your filter is a D.E. filter, cartridge filter or sand filter.
  2. If you have a D.E. filter make sure you have D.E. on hand to recharge your filter after cleaning.
  3. Turn power off to the filter and salt cell.
  4. Select backwash on multiport valve.
  5. Turn power back on.
  6. Run system until water is running clean through the sightglass.
  7. Turn power off to the filter and cell.
  8. Select rinse on multiport valve.
  9. Turn power back on.
  10. Run on rinse for 30 seconds.
  11. Turn power off to the filter and cell.
  12. Select filter on multiport valve.
  13. Turn power back on.
  14. Mix 1.5kg D.E. ( one and a half 2 Lt icecream containers) in a bucket of pool water and pour down skimmer box.

These steps should be followed weekly for best results.

Filter should be stripped and cleaned monthly. Remember to re-charge D.E. after stripping if you have a D.E. filter.

Sand filters- follow steps 1 to 13 twice.

Cartridge filters- cartridge filters do not require backwashing.Just remove cartridge and hose until clean. This should be done as often as possible as cartridge filters will block up very quickly.

Acid bathing- if cartridges or D.E. pads become too dirty or blocked they can be soaked in a solution of 1 part hydrochloric acid to 10 parts water overnight.

Acid bath can be done by Canning Pool & Pump Centre if required - cost $30.00

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