Pool Blankets

The most cost effective method of increasing your summer pool fun by up to 4 months is with free heat from the sun. With the Daisy Solar Blanket - the blanket becomes a giant solar energy collector.

Canning Pool & Pump are your local distributor of Daisy Solar Blankets & Rollers from Daisy Pool Covers. Test results prove they heat better, insulate better and last longer. You can order a custom-made blanket for your pool in-store today.

The sun’s energy absorbs easily through the blanket, heating the water underneath and the trapped heat remains in the pool - where you want it. Not only does it heat the pool for free, but the Daisy Solar Blanket protects the pool cleaner and saves precious water by reducing evaporation.

Solar Heating For Free

  • Swim in a warmer pool - up to 10˚C warmer
  • Extends your summer by up to 4 months 

Saves Precious Water

  • Virtually stops evaporation
  • Saves Chemicals
  • Saves precious water - (Up to 10,000 litres per month, saving you big dollars)

Protects Your Pool Cleaner

  • Prevents debris such as leaves from entering the pool
  • You will spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it

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