Pool Filter Media

Canning Pool & Pump Centre stocks a range of Pool Filter Media, including AquaPerl®, and Diamond Kleen™.


AquaPerl® is a new, lightweight filter media for swimming pools, engineered for use in diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters. It is a direct replacement for D.E. filter media. 

  • Improves filter operation: AquaPerl filter media pre-coats fast and effectively.
  • Saves time: AquaPerl filter media backwashes quickly and completely, resulting in less time spent on filter cleaning.
  • All-natural: AquaPerl filter media is all-natural and chemically inert.
  • Easy to handle: AquaPerl filter media is half the weight of traditional D.E. filter aids, making it easier to lift and carry. 
  • Filtration to Diatomaceous Earth (DE) standards (or better) with the convenience of sand.
  • Reduces chemical usage and enhances chlorine performance
  • Reduces pool odour, eye and skin irritation
  • Savings in costs of maintaining pool water in optimal condition
  • Keeps your pool sparkling clean
  • No other swimming pool filtration medium on the market provides 'three mechanisms' for effectively cleaning pool water: Physical Filtration + Surface Absorption + Chemical Capture

Diamond Kleen™

Diamond Kleen™ is a form of water filtration media made from 100% recycled fused silicon dioxide. Diamond Kleen has various applications however its primary use is for the swimming pool market.

When compared to silica sand and zeolite, Diamond Kleen has many health and environmental benefits.

  • Reduced Chemical Usage
  • Brilliant Water Clarity
  • Longer between Media changes

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