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Amoebic Meningitis
Backwashing Your Filter
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Green Pool Treatment
Maintaining Your Pump and Filter
Pool Terms
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Salt Chlorinators
Seasonal Care - Swimming Season
Seasonal Care - Autumn & Winter
Seasonal Care - Spring Clean
Spa Maintenance
Water Balance
Water Testing

Pool Terms

Acid Demand
The measurement of the amount of acid needed to lower PH and Total Alkalinity of your pool.

Water that has a PH reading of less than 7.

Chlorophyll containing plants that grow in your pool in the absence of chlorine.

A chemical that is capable of killing algae.

Water that has a PH reading of greater than 7.

A sanitiser mainly used in spa pools in a warm water environment.

A chemical which is added to water to increase the Total Alkalinity and PH.

A sanitizing agent that prevents algae growth and kills bacteria.

Chlorine Demand
The amount of free chlorine required to add to your pool to kill algae and bacteria.

A measure of 0 - 14 that indicates the amount of acid or alkali in the water. Water with a PH of 7 is neutral, less than 7 acidic and more than 7 is alkaline.

Parts per million.

A compound or system capable of killing algae and bacteria and to maintain effective level of disinfection in pool water rendering it safe for swimming.

Shock Treatment
The addition of a large amount of chlorine into your pool water to break down accumulated Organic waste.

A compound, mainly IsoCyanuric Acid, when added to pool water will reduce the rate of chlorine loss due to sunlight.

Total Alkalinity
A measure of alkaline minerals in the pool water. The correct level prevents fluctuations of PH.

Water Balance
Balanced water is the term used to describe an ideal condition of pool water. When PH , Total Alkalinity , Stabiliser and Chlorine are all at correct levels, then this is referred to as Balanced Water.

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