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Amoebic Meningitis
Backwashing Your Filter
Chemical Safety Tips
Green Pool Treatment
Maintaining Your Pump and Filter
Pool Terms
Pool Tips And Tricks
Salt Chlorinators
Seasonal Care - Swimming Season
Seasonal Care - Autumn & Winter
Seasonal Care - Spring Clean
Spa Maintenance
Water Balance
Water Testing

Chemical Safety Tips

  • Always read safety precautions on labels.
  • Never mix chemicals together.
  • Add chemicals to water, never water to chemicals.
  • Store chemicals in cool dry environment, away from children.
  • Wash hands after handling chemicals.
  • Wear gloves and safety glasses and preferably work clothing as some chemicals will bleach clothing.
  • When transporting liquids in a vehicle always place containers in a leak proof plastic receptacle and carry in the cargo area of the vehicle.
  • When carrying Liquid Chlorine always be careful not to spill on clothing.
  • Liquid Chlorine drums are required by Law to have a vented cap and care should be taken as it may seep through the vent.

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