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Pool Tips And Tricks

  • The longer a pool stays green , the harder and more costly it will be to restore to a clean state.
  • Never stop using Chlorine. Chlorine is available for domestic use in Tablets, Liquid or Granular and is a very effective algae killer. Do not rely totally on alternative sanitising systems eg. Ozone, Copper Compounds or Salt Chlorinators as these may not produce enough or an efficient amount of sanitiser to effectively kill algae.
  • Never be afraid to add additional Chlorine. Extra Chlorine will destroy chloramines, which is the spent Chlorine combined with Ammonia and Organic Matter (eg. Perspiration/Urine) to form Chloramines. It is the free Chlorine that will effectively kill off bacteria and all forms of algae.
  • Use a good quality algicide in your pool. If using Copper Algicide do not exceed 0.2PPM.
  • To reduce Chlorine Demand in your pool add Stabiliser. Get your water professionally tested for dosing requirements.
  • Add Stabiliser up to 50PPM. Do not use Stabiliser if your pool is indoors.
  • Maintaining the correct PH will reduce Chlorine Demand and protect your pool surface and equipment against scale and corrosion. The correct PH level is 7.2 to 7.8. To avoid PH fluctuation use Buffer to maintain the correct Alkalinity level of 80 - 120 PPM.
  •  If your pool has a high mineral content and is susceptible to mineral staining use a good quality Clarifier on a regular basis as it will assist in keeping mineral content in solution.  
  • Check Chlorine and PH regularly. Periodically get water tested professionally for Stabiliser, Salt and Alkalinity.  
  • Chlorine works best when introduced in the evening or or at night. If added during the day much can be lost to UV effects from the sun.  
  • Winterise your pool with a good quality Winteriser - DO NOT switch off your pump for the duration of winter. Run the pump at least 4 Hours daily for efficient filtration.  
  • After heavy rain or high use of the pool - Shock Treat pool with a high level of Chlorine or Oxidising Compound.

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