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Amoebic Meningitis
Backwashing Your Filter
Chemical Safety Tips
Green Pool Treatment
Maintaining Your Pump and Filter
Pool Terms
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Salt Chlorinators
Seasonal Care - Swimming Season
Seasonal Care - Autumn & Winter
Seasonal Care - Spring Clean
Spa Maintenance
Water Balance
Water Testing

Seasonal Care - Swimming Season

  • Test the chlorine level daily - ESPECIALLY BEFORE A SWIM.
  • DO NOT SWIM if there is insufficient free chlorine present. See Amoebic Meningitis Sheet.
  • Test PH and Alkalinity weekly to avoid corrosion or scale.
  • Test the stabiliser level every two weeks and add stabiliser as necessary.
  • Test the salt level every two weeks and add as needed.
  • The filtration should be running for 8 - 10 hours daily to keep pool water clean and healthy.
  • The chlorinator should NOT be run at its maximum level to avoid damage to the power box and salt cell.
  • Weekly brush and vacuum the pool to keep it clean and check skimmer box basket and pump basket for debris. Keep both baskets clean.
  • Backwash and clean filter as required - see Maintaining Your Pump and Filter Sheet.
  • Keep water level high enough to prevent the system running dry. Top up regularly to keep up with evaporation and water loss from splashing.

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